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The number one reason the small farm town of Kuna is growing at an accelerated pace— affordability. Second to affordability is location. Just a short 15-minute drive down the main highway from Meridian, Kuna is growing at breakneck speed. People see the immense value in purchasing a home here. Home builders saw the potential years ago, and many are now building residential and luxury communities in Kuna. This is attracting a whole new demographic to the area, thus broadening the area’s appeal.
As the city evolves, the development of commercial businesses is matching the pace of Kuna’s residential growth. In the past two years, several chain restaurants and fast-food establishments have opened. Grocery and
retail stores as well as other small businesses, including convenience stores and gas stations, are changing the landscape around town and meeting basic community needs. With its expanding commerce, Kuna becomes more self-contained, and residents are able to find what they need in their own friendly community.

Things to do in Kuna Idaho

Peace and quite

Although most people discover Kuna because
of the lower home prices, once here they immediately fall in love with it. Despite the rapid growth, Kuna maintains a country setting and rural roots where the simple life still exists. The country landscape is refreshing, inspiring families to enjoy the outdoors, walk local nature paths, and explore neighborhood parks. And because many of the developments are tucked-in and surrounded by farmland, there is a peace and quiet that permeates the town that you won’t find in larger, nearby communities.
Perhaps it’s the ambiance of the area that invites folks to be friendlier here—holding the door open for others, looking people in the eye, and saying hello to strangers.

Lifestyle in Kuna Idaho

Small-Town Living

The beauty of living in a small, growing town is that you are part of the old and the new. Experience the old-fashioned fun of a country carnival at Kuna Days, held the second weekend in August. This two-day festival celebrates the history of Kuna and takes place at Bernie Fisher Park in downtown. The entire community seemingly shows up for this beloved annual event. Kuna Days includes everything from games and rides to musicians and performers. It even has a hometown parade. You’ll find vendors of every kind selling crafts and painting faces. Enjoy this festive community event while watching your children jump in the free bounce houses. Be sure to attend Kuna Days with an appetite—you can purchase freshly prepared food at the food-truck alley and quench your thirst at the beer garden. The summer festivities close each night with a spectacular fireworks display.
In winter, residents come out in droves and stand shoulder-to-shoulder, embracing the cold to enjoy the Down Home Country Christmas parade on Main Street. Floats are lit in holiday glow, with float participants throwing candy to children and blasting Christmas music as they pass by. The event culminates with residents counting down to the city’s lighting of the Christmas tree at Bernie Fisher Park.
Revitalization is taking place in Kuna’s downtown area. City officials want to make downtown a destination for locals and visitors and have already upgraded new street lamps and sidewalks. The new KUNA! structure on Avenue E is part of the revitalization project, and the city plans to add more art projects in the second phase this year, bringing a unique hometown feel to downtown. As businesses on Main Street upgrade their exterior and more family boutiques and unique restaurants open, Kuna’s quality of life and vibrant community spirit will continue to soar.
Along with the downtown revitalization is the beautification of the Kuna Greenbelt. This area lies in the heart of town and runs alongside Indian Creek from behind Indian Creek Elementary to orchard Street. Runners, walkers, and families frequent this lush, beautiful area. The greenbelt is replete with places to splash in the water or picnic under mature, green trees. The area also boasts a BMX dirt track and skateboard park, Little League baseball fields, and a new splash pad for cooling off in the summer heat.

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